Click on the link below or download the InfoPraia app and see the level of beach occupation you have chosen.

Prefer beaches marked in green and beaches with quality control.

When the level of occupancy is high choose to choose another beach; it may be difficult to maintain the safe distance.

When accessing the beach, use footwear, circle on the right and follow the signs that may exist on the floor and keep a distance of 1.5 meters from users who do not belong to your group.

On the beach, keep a safe distance (1.5 meters) on the beach, by the sea and in the bath;

At the beach bar and in sanitary facilities, wear shoes and a mask, disinfect your hands and keep a safe distance.

When leaving the beach: do not leave garbage or butts in the sand. Place them in their own containers. The masks are deposited in the undifferentiated garbage containers.